Kev Geeda - Halloween


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Had this for a while. Not sure exactly who Kev Geeda is, but he's someone - https://www.discogs.com/artist/214419-Kevin-Geeda

This is the 4th Kev we've featured - we've had Kevin Kev, Kevy Kev, Cosmic Kev, and now Kev Geeda

Have you noticed that F-yourMixtape is back online? It's a huge online database of mixtape information, covers and downloads. Also worth a look is MIXTAPEPEDIA. Both have had a lot of time and passion behind their creation and maintenance. If you like classic mixtapes, check them out


  1. This is a nice tape! Judging by the song selection, it's from 1992. Not a tape with a date as title, but the "Halloween" title pts it at late October of 1992. Kev selects some great songs by Diamond D and Showbiz & AG, plus some songsthat are rarely played on other tapes from the same year, like Zhigge, King Sun and a Redman album track. Some 1992 hits sprinkled in like Apache's Gangsta Bitch, Positive K's I Got A Man and K-Solo's Letterman. Nice selection, and Kev is a cool host with a good voice and not overdoing the shoutouts or self-aggrandizing. It's remarkably how there seem to be a lot of great tapes by virtually unknowns like Kev Geeda in the early nineties, when making tapes probably wasn't big business. Is there more from Kev Geeda, and more tapes from early 90's like this by other unknowns?


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