Tapes coming soon

Hi m8s

Tapes coming soon, hopefully have new content before May.

Thanks to past donators (I'll check I've credited everyone) thanks to people still sharing tapes. As always thanks to Chris French for helping me and the site out. Very little could have been done without his help.

Thanks for nothing to the following people -
The new mixtape sites using content from here with no credit (link to the website) and MixtapeClassics (on Instagram) aka DJ Messiah, aka https://theboogievault.myshopify.com .

He's taken loads of mixtapes from here and is selling them on USB. Obviously telling people that he freely downloaded them from here is bad for his business model.

People doing shitty things like that just kill my interest in sharing tapes. I could write more on this topic but what's the point? Remember don't give mixtapeclassics aka DJ Messiah any of your hard earned cash