Newham Generals Halloween 2004 (Grime)

Heres The Newham Generals on Rinse FM, Halloween 2004.

Also on the same tape, and I think from the same day, Newham Generals B2B Roll Deep.


Dj Tim - That's dat shit!

As the cover reads, "'95 Flava"

Side A
Side B

And, if you look HERE you will find more Dj Tim mixtapes to download, and a short interview with the dj, courtesy of djmikeb.blogspot.co.uk


Action pac tape

So, another update. This time it's a tape from Action Pac. Sorry, this tape only had one side, and no label. If anyone can identify the tape, it'd be appreciated.

Side A


Dj Camilo #6

EDIT - I uploaded this tape full in 2023 - check it out