Dj Ill Will - Best of Ma$e

Side A
Side B

Recognise The Real posted this earlier on in the year, but this is a higher quality version. So if you that interests you, download it. The outro by J-Love on Side B is terrible.

EDIT : Side A got pulled for copywrite (rocky music intro..) the password for the file is 'grimeandlime'


  1. It interests me very much but Side A got pulled. Can you please reup? Thanks for all the tapes. The Kool Kirk is dope. Do you have more from him? Also the Lox tape, DJ capone and Boogie Black is good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the heads up - just re-uploaded it now.

    Glad you like the tapes, I do have more Kool Kirk on the way, two more tapes to be precise....


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