D-Life & J.O.J - Spring Time Blends

Side A
Side B

Classic Queens NYC blend tape... I think this is D-Life & J.O.J, but they keep saying (DJ) HOLLYWOOD! so I wonder what Hollywoods involvement was... I have asked tapemasta in the past and I was told it is indeed the Dj Hollywood but there's an interesting story behind it all..

EDIT : After asking Dj J.O.J, I was told that Hollywood (Not Dj Hollywood....) is DJs D-Life and Ike Love . No involvement from Dj Hollywood.


  1. I think that DJ Hollywood = DJ JOJ.

  2. I <3 that Jermaine Jackson's "Don't take it personal" blend. :) This tape was uploaded by someone in the past, I don't remember who was.

  3. I have since asked J.O.J what Hollywood was, and he told me as he remembers it, Hollywood is D-Life and Ike Love, and not Dj Hollywood.

  4. It was a saying that Ike Love came up with for D Lyfe ( you seen how Clue was branding his name it was the same thing back then )& JOJ is a queens dj, I believe worked in the colis !! The original DJ Hollywood was the one with Luv Bug Starski & Brucie B..


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