Dj Unique - Straight Cheese

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Side B

Cutmaster C hosts this one, strangely. Not to be confused with Brooklyn's Dj Uneek, this is Dj Unique from "Southside Queens" NYC.

If you had to pick one mixtape DJ to host your funeral, who would you choose? I'm going for S&S or J Mo Ice/Dj Showtime, personally.

Anyway, it's Christmas now as I write this. Last post of 2019. What a shit year. Things really fell apart. I mean really fucking fell apart. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah, writing a load of shit as usual.

Thanks go to - All the supporters, much appreciated. It all gets spent on tapes. All the people writing in the chatbox, even if it is shit like "HEY ANYONE GOT 'X Y OR Z????' THX!!!!" People who leave comments on the posts themselves, and people who run their own sites to share music.

No thanks go to - People selling tapes I rip and share on ebay. People who voted Conservative in December 2019.

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