Dj Iroc - 4/26/93 (FOTM)

Side A
Side B

They said we didn't have tapes, so we posted tapes. They said we didn't have covers, so we posted covers. They said we didn't have originals, we posted originals. Now they say we only have tapes from the late 90s. Maybe they forget that this site isn't to narrate or craft mixtape history, but just to share tapes on the internet. This isn't a museum, and I'm no curator - it's GRiME & LiME and all are welcome. So what's next?


  1. bro u done alot for the culture..the baton has been passed to u know.. gotta keep it alive bro. something that was started wayyyyy back in '06-07..

  2. Grimeandlime N.1 Classic Mixtape blog!
    You set the bar high with nice drops and high quality rips..

  3. Just listened to the tape..dope tape!! My kind of tape..props for sharing this


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