Red Alert - unknown date #3 (November 1988)


** Update December 2015 - Thanks to Craig from randomrapradio we now have a likely date - November 1988 and a track listing in the comments section. Cheers!


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  2. This is Nov 1989, Reds' Birthday. Many thanks, dope set with some classic cuts. No idea what that Jungle Brothers thing is, sure I've heard it before.

    Public Enemy ‎– Welcome To The Terrordome
    Kid n Play - Gettin Funky
    Stet - Talkin All That Jazz
    Bobby Simmons - ID
    Ultra - IDs
    Ultra - Ease Back
    Kid Flash - Keep On ?
    Jungle Brothers - Megamix joint ?

  3. Come to think of it, knowin how early Red had promos before their release, and cos only one song is from 89, it's more likely to be Nov 88 !

  4. Thanks Craig, it's great to get a tracklist and a possible date. I've updated the post, and I shall do for any others that you can help with.


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