Dj Jesse Jazz - Full impact volume 1

Side A
Side B

Blends on Side B! Quick question - do you class blends as only RNB vocals with a hiphop, or can a blend truly be just a hip hop with a different beat behind it?

Side note - I ripped this early on when I got my new tape deck.. I had the 'play trim' function turned up high, but it doesn't take any quality away from the rip. The 'play trim' function helps boost the treble if you have to use Dolby Noise thingy B or C, so you don't end up with a dodgy rip. If that makes any sense.


  1. Class blends as r&b vocals over hip hop beats/hip hop rhymes over r&b instrumentals and hip hop/r&b vocals over any other hip hop/r&b beat/ DJ Juice is my fav for blends, but shout out to all the other blend dj's that dropped ill tapes/ (Request - any sandman/dirtyman mixtapes?)

  2. Nicely put!

    Juice is good - I don't have anything but #27 from him, about around 20 or so voulumes I downloaded from other peoples sites.

    Never heard of Dirty Man - I have a Sandman tape where he teams up with another DJ. The quality is fucked up from what I remember, I'll give it another go.



No requests, eh?