Clark Kent - Operating Room #6


Why do I share all these tapes? After all, they all cost me $$.

I'll tell you why : what is the point of keeping them to myself? What do I gain? I have hundreds of tapes, I'm never going to have time to listen to all of them all of the time. I've given up interacting with those who don't share what they have, I find them tiresome. I get sick of it. If there is any kind of 'inner circle' where all the tapes you wish you could get are freely changing hands, I want no part of it. It's a cancer that will see all interest in mixtapes/radio shows slowly fade. I don't really get much love from other sites, although there are a few who have time for me and realise the strength of the content I freely share on here. So to them I say thank you. To the others, keep downloading and enjoying the tapes. They are for YOU!


  1. I like to get my Oyster on at GrimenLime, every once in a while I'll 'touch in touch out'.

    This time I found more radio shows from yer man Bretts quiver. Some doozys, so you know you get biggest biggest propers from me for sharing that goodness.

    Tweeted the radio shows URL, but this Grandmaster Caz tape has my attention, I hope he isnt just on the beginning and end, Caz is the King of Rap comedy, and that Red Alert [unknown date] tape was short but solid !

    Thanks again dooks, always really appreciated seein more radio shows bein shared.

    Soundcloud took my soul.

  2. Thank you for the comment and a big thank you for sharing the link.

    The Caz tape is indeed very disappointing! I had to buy it, of course, but when I listened to it I knew it could've been better!

    I have another Caz tape, but I can't remember if it's on the net or not. I know some are.. It's Break beats pt. #1.

    I read about your Soundcloud blues, they sound like bastards. Sadly it's the best way to reach people, especially now that most people use their phones to access the net...

    I have more tapes from Brett to share, just need to take stock of what I have/where is it/have I put it on the net already? etc etc.



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