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Probably my favourite grime crew.... in reality they were more like an mc'ing duo, with DJ Clueless, and joining later, Nicky Bashment behind the decks.

The crew used to have shows on pirate stations Delite FM (South London) and Freeze FM (West London), although both Twoza and Jiggalo were previously in the crew 'Hype Squad' along with others like Flirta D, Nasty Jack, Charlie Sloth (ghhfhdj), Sparkla B, Adam B, and others (beenie battleaxe?) i've forgotten.

What I never understood was.. Why didn't they ever go anywhere? Theres no doubt they had the skill... all three MCs were good, Clueless always had dubs, and they used to be on Delite FM with DJ Cameo who's since become a 'big name in grime' (whatever grime is nowadays.....) so what happened? All I remember hearing was, they got blocked in the industry by certain people.

In later years, the grimesville website (created by one 'golden child', who used to do Freeze Fm websites etc..) had been gone for years. Twoza was still around, but sadly had little hype behind him. Still a good MC, he came out with UKHH Mixtape 'Welcome to the terror dome' with Big Mix, and another solo mixtape who's name escapes my memory. I used to go on twitter and try and gas him up into releasing new music, but it was a desperate act on my half. Nowadays 2za Dj's house under the name of D_Luxx or something similar. Jiggalo vanished.. never heard of him again. Sparkla B, Clueless, Nicky Bashment also vanished.......

MCS : 2za (Twoza), Jiggalo (Previously jiggy juvenile), Sparkla B (featured on the tunes, but rarely ever came on radio). DJs : Clueless, Nicky Bashment

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